Romani Olearia, owned by Roberta Romani, an olive grower in Montemagno, is a company that traces its roots back to the personal history of its owner.

The prominent features of her childhood often resurface in the mature phase of life, with strength and passion, reclaiming spaces and offering visions.

Roberta Romani, an olive grower in Montemagno, grows up amidst the culture and power of the olive grove. She distances herself for reasons of study and work, only to return when the lessons learned and the traditions experienced and deeply rooted resurface forcefully.

The choice of the Montemagno territory is both a natural and simulataneously a refined  decision.

The plots, which will become Clos San Martino and Clos Le Gorgone, can be acquired, and the encounter begins.Thus, Romani Olearia Agricultural Company is born.

The beginning was challenging and required all the passion of Roberta and her team in the face of an olive grove that resembled more of a forest.

“It was necessary to thin out trees that were too close together, spacing them at least 4.5/5 meters apart, in order to ensure lateral development for the remaining ones. Cone-shaped gradients were formed on each tree, and varietal recognition of the subjects was carried out. After the first year, where we had to dispose of significant amounts of plant residues, today we have a balanced plantation and a pruning system that ensures optimal yield and respect for the plants.”

In 2023, Romani Olearia begins marketing its organic extra virgin olive oil, that satisfies every palate and complements every dish.


One distinctive feature of Romani Olearia is identified with packaging.

The need to give the proper attire that an organic extra virgin olive oil from Montemagno deserves.

It is a form of respect as well as enhancement.

Roberta Romani, an expert in marketing and sales in her work, designs a container that protects the oil, its organoleptic properties, and remains useful in everyday use thanks to the dosage cap, both in restaurants and on the family table.

The 250 ml bottle on the table, whether in a restaurant or an intimate setting, allows the preservation of the flavors, aromas, and fragrances of freshly pressed oil. It is a real oil cruet with an anti drip label that offers the possibility to be re-filled.
Ideal as a refined and authentic gift.

The 250 and 500 ml tin in black aluminum maintains the elegance of the bottle and it is practical also for use on the table. Ideal for personally getting acquainted with the organic EVO oil by Romani Olearia or as a gift. This package solution does not offer the possibility of being re-filled.

The label completes the picture: it includes the geographical indication of Clos San Martino and Le Gorgone, along with the nutritional values of Romani Olearia. Organic EVO Oil

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